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Hello and welcome.

Please note my new website address or bookmark it as :-


I may well be moving, but this domain name will be constant.


The site is now live and being updated again as of 24/11/2012 - I hope to have some new updates on here soon.

Updated 02-12-2012

Much of my machinery is still in need of some TLC, I will continue to include pictures of most of my goodies for the many like me who get enjoyment from just browsing.

Please consider this site as always under construction and if you find anything glaringly wrong feel free to email me, come to that email me if you wish to discuss anything here.

I know I have been able to help a few people over the last few years and I will continue to do so if I can, but now I am wondering if there is anyone out there who can help me. I am still looking for Ornamental Turning parts for my Fenn lathe and tools and equipment by Fenn & Co, for details please click below.

Please feel free to copy any pictures or information from this site for your own use, however any literature on here may be covered by copywrite and is of course just for your information and entertainment.


Please dont be scared to get in touch, I dont bite, and I am just an enthusiast like you and although most things here are of a serious nature.


I do have a good sense of humour, so here are a few tales to make you chuckle, "I hope".


Or you might find Mr Punch here and there, give him a nudge too



Can anyone out there help my good friend Rick, he has an outboard motor the like of which you wont believe until you see it, click here for the big beastie.


The pictures of the Fenn lathe are not to be used in any other media or publication without my prior written consent. Anyone with any Ornamental Turning equipment or parts no longer required please do get in touch.


Anything discussed on this site and any information given is in good faith and I accept no liability for its use or any errors contained whatsoever.

Last update 21st October 2009

Feel free to email, but note the anti spam, I have suffered too much by having a live link open.

steve [at] uphill [dot] org [dot] uk


A small tribute to a true English Eccentric.

Who will be sadly missed