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Norwich clock or Tavern clock, Railway clock, some even say Act of Parliament clock, but that isn't truly accurate.

I acquired this clock from Ebay, a true sleeper as it had been stored for a great number of years by a collector, he died and everything ended up being auctioned off, so I got it from that buyer. The reality was that this time piece was beyond economic repair by a dealer and subsequent profit. But I loved it, so hence began a rather long haul to get it back in service.

There is no doubt that this clock lived in a railway station or signal box somewhere in the distant past as it was full of soot. It had also visited a clock bodger who had failed to get it running and not done the movement any favours in the process. I think though that someone after him decided to store it, rather than scrap it and then much later the collector came along and it got stored again. One must always be grateful for people such as these, they saved a lot that would otherwise have been lost.

It took a long time and under a lot of different lighting to actually find the name on the face, but found it was and it also helps date this clock to circa 1820. My guess is that this clock was stored somewhere around WWII.

Okay well one other thing before we progress, mostly we call all these devices clocks, but in reality this is a timepiece as it is a regulator and doesn't strike the hours etc.

Now if you are still interested some photos and a few details follow:-


As bought

Very dirty

As bought

details lost in time

As bought

But all there

As bought

Veneer lost

As bought

Hinges broken

As bought

Drumhead adrift

As bought

Full of soot

As bought

Worse than dirty

As bought

Unusual !!


Bronze bezel


Cleaned parts


Cleaned parts


Bezel cleaned


New escape wheel


Face restored


Hanging bracket


Hanging bracket


New pallet holder


First time running in just how many decades I wonder.