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Hello and welcome to my site, my name is Steve and the surname I think will be obvious,I live in a small village on the western boundaries of the New Forest, that's in Southern England by the way. My background is quite chequered. I started off work in engineering and at one time ran a machine shop, but mostly my early life was in metal work as a sheet metal worker and for some years did blacksmithing as did my Father.

Eventually due mainly to financial considerations I re-trained and worked for a large Petrochemical company in Fawley, where I stayed for nearly twenty five years, running their power-station, along with a few others. It was here that I met and worked with some of the best people I ever had the pleasure to work with, of course times change and after I lost my wife I made the decision to retire early, so in the spring of 2003 I did and now have the time to do all the things I always dreamt of doing but never did. The only fly in the ointment at this time is having a very neglected house to restore, this is definitely one hobby I am going to quit, this is the last one.. (I hope)

As to hobbies I have always had a passion for making things, carving or metal work I am equally at home with either, my family too have always been an artistic bunch, there being artists to Ornamental iron workers amongst them and one cousin who is an absolute genius when it comes to model engineering. I have one son who I am justifiably proud of who has the talent but as yet not the time, he is a wizard on computers, but hankers to make things just as we all do, but of course is bogged down with getting on with his career.

My treat to myself when I retired was an ornamental turning lathe, a Fenn made approximately in the mid eighteen hundreds, this is something I have wanted to pursue for a long time and was equipping my old Drummond to try and achieve some of the things only too easy on an ornamental lathe, providing you have the skill of course. It needs a few bits and bobs and I shall restore it to its former glory as time permits, please take a look.

Another passion as it were is old time machinery, you wont find any new equipment in my workshop, nor any plastic handles. I just love the sort of quality that used to be, not the throw away or fall apart items we get today, please check out my ideal lathe, if only I had one....LOL. And lastl and by no means least comes Steam engines, and motorbikes take a look at mine.