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I thought I might explain the Uphill & Son logo.

My Grandfather started his own business in Drury Lane London in the latter half of the eighteen hundreds as an Ornamental Iron worker and of course he named the business Uphill & Son. It was in a dim and dismal basement that I remember his workshop. Alas he had passed away before I was born, but the firm continued with his eldest son Edwin and my Father Leonard together with Reg Edwin's son until the late nineteen fifties.

My visits to this den of iniquity werent that many, but to me were something very special and I still remember the old line shafting that drove the lathes and the blacksmiths forge in the corner together with what appeared to me to be the biggest anvil in the world, sat centre stage in the only real space that existed.

No doubt at my age I caused a lot of trouble as a boy into everything and getting in everyones way, but it was great fun and believe it or not even being a young lad of nine or so I did learn a thing or two, one of course was not to get burned, and the other was just how good cocoa was made in the forge.

It was because of ill health and a serious slump in trade after the second world war that the family firm finally closed down. My Father who had just managed to survive TB had to move out of what was then a very filthy city or face the inevitable and so moved to the south coast and became a general grocer until his retirement.

With my interests in Ornamental turning and old equipment, it is quite fascinating that I find my Grandfathers premises were less than a mile away from Holtzapffel's. One cant help but wonder if Holtz' ever needed the services of a local blacksmith and iron worker. One thing is for sure, we will never know.........

Well it is with fond memories of those days and the family business that I named this site, and of course I have a son too, who one day will no doubt find the time to fulfil his artistic talents as well.