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Updates, as the site continues to grow, I thought it useful to detail the additions as and when they go on line. It will not contain every update ever, just the latest few for the benefit of regular visitors.

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02-12-12 Projects Norwich clock
30-11-12 Projects Mortice Gauge Mortice gauge, a present
30-11-12 Projects Torchere Torchere/Reading lamp
29-11-12 Projects Blank, will contain done and doing
28-11-12 Lorch page 4 Ongoing changes and bits
21-10-09 Rivett Page 3 Lots of new brown goodies
19-10-09 Engineering tips Lathe centre finder
19-10-09 Rivett Stand & elec overhaul
17-10-09 Here and there Mr Punch has arrived
15-10-09 Rivett Headstock overhaul
15-10-09 Rivett Quick change overhaul
14-10-09 My old Iron Victorian metal planer
12-10-09 Leon etc Skippy my lurcher
12-10-09 Panther Sold 2009
12-10-09 Leon (my dog) Passed away 2007
11-08-07 Lorch page 3 Continuing the countershaft
10-08-07 Lorch page 3 Continuing the countershaft
08-08-07 My old iron/Lorch/page 3 Countershaft on the Lorch
01-08-07 About me/Metalwork Making a Spitfire from a penny
23-07-07 Panther Now running Magneto rebuilt
23-07-07 Engineering tips Male step chuck collets restoring
23-07-07 Lorch Schmidt/my old iron donor lathes and collet fixes
09-11-06 Links Help if your stuck
27-10-06 Myold iron/Rivett Frosting
25-10-06 Old Machines Kershaw Vertical Mill
10-10-06 Old Iron/Rivett.gearbox Speed Gearbox finished
09-07-06 Fenn/ OT tooling Elliptical cutting frame