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I wouldnt normally provide anything on something as basic as an electric motor, but this one is worth a mention. It is without doubt an antique in its own right, and probably dates from the same period as the lathe. I have discussed this motor with Tony of and he has only ever seen one similar in a museum.

I have had this motor close on twenty years, looks like I finally found a home for it with the Lorch Schmidt. I firmly believe in restoration, but apart from some end float which I have remedied I do not intend to paint this, in fact I did the reverse, and by hand polished off a poor second coat that had been applied many years ago, this has left the motor looking quite a respectable age and yet not neglected.


1/8 HP 5 inch diameter


Brush mounting


GEC label


Brush holder


Stator and ends


Slip rings


centrifugal switch


another shot


Slip rings from brushes