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Due to some recent correspondence a need has arrisen for some details on the frosting of machine slides and lathe beds. So here is one photo, at three different magnifications. It shows the typical kind of frosting that was undertaken by Rivett and of course most if not all of the better class machines of that period. The shots below are taken as it stands, dirty, slightly marked by use over the years, and a couple of pock marks, the rest is dust and debri.

These shots are all of the face of the 608 lathe bed at the tailstock end, so you are also looking into the opening of the dovetails, all sections of which are frosted.
Not an easy subject to photograph, frosting is very much like those kids hologramme cards, they appear different from different angles, again different in varied lighting.

As said, not easy to photograph, but I hope this shows the evidence that there isnt any visible machine marks of any description, neither from a planer, or a surface grinder. Just a scraped and frosted surface. What marks there are have been caused by pick up of dirt and swarf over the years.

I have done scraping over the years, but frosting no. If anyone wants to add anything to this debate, be it photos or tips, then I will gladly host it. Just drop me a line.