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A copper boot I made from an old water tank many years ago.


This was the result of my employer rummaging in a skip many years ago. He brought this heap of junk in the workshop and said, "Could you fix this". As only half of it remained and that was buckled my answer was, "You must be joking, but I could make you a new one the same." So he agreed to that and asked for ten of them, I thought eleven would be better so made one for myself, with his consent. It was no mean feat as his workshop was not well equipped and I had to make a substantial amount of tooling as well. The only difference between the old and the new was no candle holder. I have seen these lanterns in films, they appear to date from the eighteen hundreds.



Further to setting Ian off on a crusade to make a Spitfire from a pre-decimal penny. Here is the how........