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Maybe this one should be titled, "Why am I still hear". And in truth its not a funny tale, but has its message....

This was when I was in the sheet metal industry. I was drilling a batch of face plates for some cabinets and I was using a pistol drill on a trailing flex. I needed to move to another area and wandered down to unplug the lead, picking up the trailing plug and socket on my way.

Well I didn't actually get any further than that, as I had the drill in my left hand and the socket on my right, but oh joy, some prick had screwed the cable clamps in the socket right through the live wire, so I completed the circuit, the power went up my right arm, down my left into the casing of the drill and to earth. For the benefit of anyone abroad this was 240 volts.

Well they always told you that AC currents threw you off, and DC held you captive, don't believe a bloody word of it, my muscles went into spasm, and as usual I was "lucky" I happened to have my finger on the trigger of the drill, so that made me clamp my hands tight and the drill started up. One of my mates saw my distress and thought I had just caught the drill up in my overall, so he grabbed hold of me to try and help, got almost electrocuted too and fell to the floor. By this time I have both arms in cramp and am trying to stop this drill getting any closer to me chest as my muscles pull ever tighter.

Fortunately another friend with a few working grey cells pulled the plug out of the wall, and I collapsed on the floor totally exhausted, I remember lying there unable to move for quite some time. I think if I had been older, less fit, or something it would have been my last day. But yet again I had escaped to tell the tale, to this day I have no finger print on one side of my little finger where it was burned right through by the electricity.

After that I took on the job of servicing the leads and power tools in that establishment.

I do remember the boss coming down to see me after I was just walking wounded, but no he didn't ask me how I was, just could I work late. I told him something he didn't want to hear and went home.....