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This section is for help when you are truly stuck. All these people are enthusiasts in their own field, and have been kind enough to offer help. Please do not abuse them, they all have their own hobbies and careers that they need to pursue. So let's be sensible..............

I fully expect you to do some research first, to try and get answers from the internet, or from books and friends.

Then if you still have a problem ask, but give as much information as you can.


Richards Radios (Web site)

Richard Allan, A Chartered Electrical Engineer, whose hobby is old electrical intruments and radio. His web site and collection is really fascinating and well worth a visit.

I think we all have the odd problem with electronics or meters, and Richard may well be able to help you.

Bob Davis (no web site) "Mechanalia [at]"

Very knowledable on converting machines to three phase with inverters and speed control. Which to me is White mans magic.........