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This was my panther 600cc a 1956 model 100

Now unfortunately no longer mine sold in 2009, but I will leave the photos here.

It like most things I have is old and needs a little work. But it takes me back to the sixties when I used to have a very similar one, although that one had pneumatic front suspension that needed pumping up every couple of days, this one is at least sprung. Like a lot of the old bikes it is quite an art just to start this one, and get it wrong and it will let you know big style.



Some of the things I need or have needed to do on this bike I will put up on this site in case they are useful to anyone else. I recently had problems with the electrics and rebuilt the Lucas dynamo, but that is basic stuff and just a skim of the comutator to finally sort it, but another is the front Hub, which is a complete disaster, it has like so many old bikes been bodged in the past, my intention is to get it back to original as far as possible and maintainable for the future, so this project is far from being a bodge. Time marches on, yet still the bike is not on the road, but summer of 2007 (if you could ever call it one) urged me on, but I finally admitted defeat and had to get the magneto rebuilt, this I managed to do with a local gentleman who is very well known and respected, the story of that little deal is here. The end result of much a todo is that it now runs, but with weather like a premanent monsoon, it is still uninsured and without an mot.