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My workshop started off life as a medium sized sectional building. I built it myself because quite simply there was nothing on the market that was in my opinion up to the task, also I was fed up with building something and then leaving it behind on a house move and starting again, this moves with me.

But of course even at nine feet by seven foot six, it became too small, so I extended it last year, at least even if still snug it will accommodate most of my machinery and leave me with the garage free. This is the beginning of the extension on the left.

The shutters are I think a good idea, they open on the inside and latch up out of the way, but more to the point they keep out prying eyes and of course the extremes of the weather. The workshop is now something like fifteen feet by seven foot six, so quite roomy until I fill it up. And here is the finished thing (taken in January 2004), well almost, the inside is still being fitted out, but it is insulated and heated, so I am quite comfortable in there when I am working.